rescue-plan2.jpg One of the most difficult tasks a marketer has to do is rescuing the Rescue Plan. As a strategist, my role is to come up with series of plans to achieve the goals of my clients (which includes working as a full-time consultant on-site). Thanks to Ries & Trout’s Bottom-Up Marketing, which says let everybody get involved particularly the sales force. Well, consultants are not always welcome in any organization but you can’t blame those guys because you remind them that they haven’t done their jobs well. So, the main key is collaboration. Get them involved.

When I reviewed the rescue plans of some managers, I can honestly say, there’s nothing wrong with them. It’s just a matter of rescuing the rescue plan. Sounds easy-peesy, huh?! Rescuing involves the right execution down to the last details. Make sure that everyone’s tasks are aligned with their daily assignments and schedules. Ooppps, don’t forget to motivate them along the way. Monitor, monitor, and monitor. This is the hardest part . . . monitor, calculate and measure the progress.

Always remember that EXECUTION, not strategy is where the rubber meets the road.

Please check out my new page (FREE STUFF). It contains my previous strategies and presentations. I will do my best to compile all the previous so I can include them here. Feel free to download and use them accordingly but please give credit to the author J



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