Welcome to Market Place 2.1 POSTCARDS for TWEETS

A customized marketing tips which you can download for free. Yo can use it for Facebook or Twitter posts.

Delivering your brand promise in every touch point (product, service, channel) can be overwhelming. The desired experience isn’t always delivered to the customer at that critical touch point for reasons ranging from inadequate leadership commitment to insufficient operational processes . .

These “unsatisfied customers” must be pursued aggressively to find out how to create great experiences and value with your brand. Venture into common shared value and engage them in your organization to achieve a state of mutual value creation.

Loyalty among customers is expressed in their commitment to repurchased or support a preferred product or service consistently, despite situational Influences and competitors’ marketing efforts for potential brand switching behavior. When a customer chooses to follow your brand, they want something in return: quality, better deal, service and commitment. Some even go beyond the brand attributes – they want brand engagement and interaction.

“Companies with strong brands therefore have a few enormous advantages in the marketplace: 1) The very best people want to work for them. 2) Their brands help their employees focus and make decisions. 3) Their brands motivate their employees to do more than they otherwise would have believed they could.” – BRAND WARFARE

Experiences are as distinct from services as services are from goods . . .

If you are small and face overwhelming opposition, you must find a way to spend half the effort to obtain twice the result . . .

Have you notice that the parameter is set higher in terms of the customer experience and satisfaction? The stakes have been raised . . .


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